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Awesome Features

The features make it even more handy and gives you the complete care

For Doctors

  • Patient Symptoms

    Know your patients' symptoms before he even meets you and stay prepared to give him the best care.

  • Patient History

    You get complete knowledge of your patients' history, previous prescriptions, allergies etc.

  • Diagnosis Suggestions

    We give you data based suggestions on possible conditions a patient might suffer so that no stone is left unturned.

  • Intelligent E-Prescription

    Saves your paperwork and your precious time.

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For Patients

  • Symptom Checker

    Check your symptoms and have a fair idea before you visit your doctor

  • 24/7 Connectivity

    Stay connected to your doctor.Get medication alerts and even updates from your doctor.

  • Knowledge & Awareness

    Get relevant information about your treatment with do's and don'ts

  • Medical Locker

    Securely keep your prescriptions and reports on our cloud, access them from anywhere without worrying about damage.

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About Us

A pyramidal and entrusted medical knowledge base offering a solitaire for intelligent prognostic support for both patients and doctors.
RxHealth is the world's first Health Informatics Company based in Pune, India that is catering expert system software in the field of computer-aided prognosis. It uses the avant-garde artificial intelligence solutions that recognize accurate and honest medical diagnosis support.
The principle objective is to provide the best healthcare services to every patient everywhere. It’s non-intrusive, seamless technology converts good doctors into excellent doctors by continuously upgrading their knowledge base and reference network.
It helps doctors in better diagnosis and prescribing the most effective treatment to patients thus bringing down the time and cost of recovery.
On the patient side, its technology creates more aware and informed patients by providing them personalized information regarding preventions, doctors, consultations, treatment options, cost, time, precautions etc.
The long-term objective is to create an effective, efficient and seamlessly integrated technology lead medical services ecosystem for better healthcare delivery.

We Are Thankful For Your Love...

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Mahesh Sharma

President, IMA Rajasthan

I really liked overall experience, the ease of access and usage. The use of technology like online booking, SMS reminders, broadcasting, Google map location made it a good experience.

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Dr.Kiranjit Singh

MD, General Physician, Jehangir Hospital, Pune

24*7 help from RxHealth. Application is very prompt in understanding the needs and symptoms of patients and suggesting options.

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Dr. Suhas Kumbhar

Owner, Yash Hospital, Pune

Great, and very good management and services. Loved it. Will definitely partner with RxHealth

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Indian Medical Association

We are very humble to be associated with IMA Rajasthan, IMA Telangana, IMA Uttar Pradesh, IMA Maharashtra and IMA Karnataka


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