Pricing Policy

It is purely under the discretion of the clinic, if they want to charge the patients before or after consultation, we do not have any intervention in their standard operating procedures.

We are just a facilitator for the clinics to collect online payment.

The Price is set by the clinic and is purely under the discretion of the clinic, as to how much they want to charge the patients. We do not have any say or influence over the clinics for the same.

The amount will be reconciled after a period of one month, and passed to the respective clinics via cheque or bank transfer, after deducting our commission which will depend on our contract with the clinics.

The purpose for this facility is to enable doctors/clinics to collect payment through digital mediums from their patients.

RxHealth reserves the right to charge commission from the doctors/clinics for brand building and digital presence, which is as per the contract with the clinics/doctors.